School Information

Lees Corner Elementary School

13500 Hollinger Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22033
Main Phone: 703.227.3500
Fax: 703.227.359
Attendance by 8:30am:
703.227.3535 or LeesCornerESAttendance@fcps.edu7


Lees Corner is a collaborative community of active learners where staff, students, and families work together to achieve academic excellence, demonstrate social responsibility, embrace diversity, and contribute as members of our society.


The mission of the Lees Corner community is to provide a safe and engaging learning environment where pride, collaboration, and excellence empower each child to reach his or her individual academic, social, personal, and emotional potential and be an integral member of the community.

School Summary

Lees Corner Elementary School was established in 1986 and was named after the Lee family (which included Robert E. Lee), original owners of Sully Plantation and the school site. Lees Corner is distinguished by a bell, donated to the school, which contributes to the sense of community during special events and outdoor student assemblies.

Lees Corner has been known for the quality of its instructional programs and faculty. The Lees Corner community believes that the development of a successful instructional program requires continuous, comprehensive, and collaborative assessment, evaluation, and planning between administrators, faculty, students, and parents. This collaboration ensures that resources and personnel are effectively allocated to maximize the opportunities for ALL children to be integrated into the school community. Lees Corner offers expanded resources for advanced academic students, embraces an inclusionary continuum of services model for students with special needs, and provides services for speakers of other languages students.

An active PTA, parent volunteer program, and business partnerships provide support to the caring and positive learning environment at Lees Corner. As a professional learning community, staff members ensure a safe learning environment that:

  • Promotes kindness, respect, and responsibility.
  • Is committed to academic achievement for all students using assessment for ongoing instructional planning, including remediation and enrichment.
  • Respects and embraces our school's diversity.
Lees Corner's goal is to provide a challenging, fun, positive, and exciting academic program, based on current research, to develop lifelong learners who are positive participants and productive citizens.

Franklin Middle School

3300 Lees Corner Road Chantilly, VA 20151
Main Phone: 703.904.5100
Fax: 703.904.5197
Attendance: 703.904.5151


The Franklin Middle School learning community, consisting of parents, students and staff, is committed to a rigorous and differentiated instructional program in a safe and nurturing environment. The curriculum and climate challenge and support each student to strengthen core knowledge and higher level thinking, awaken curiosity and creativity, apply problem-solving strategies, develop self-advocacy and communication skills, and become community-minded, life-long learners.


The Franklin Middle School learning community will continue to model and employ best practices in education, integrate cutting-edge technology, and foster positive relationships to engage each student. Challenging core academic subjects and fine and practical arts will support and enrich each student in an inclusive environment. The Franklin Middle School student will become a self-aware individual and a productive, responsible member of society and the global community.

School Summary

Franklin Middle School opened its doors on August 27, 1984, to serve the rapidly growing western area of Fairfax County. Middle school instructional teams include teachers, counselors, and administrators who serve groups of approximately 140 students. The team structure provides each student an identity group within the larger school population and facilitates strong academic, social, and emotional support for every individual.

Franklin has been designated as a Governor's School of Educational Excellence since 2007 when from the original awards inception. The award is the highest honor under the Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) incentive program created by the Board of Education to advance Virginia's "competence to excellence" agenda to encourage advanced learning and achievement in the Commonwealth's public schools.

Franklin has a large honors program of studies. Instructional programs include a challenging math curriculum; 8th grade students participate in Finance Park. English and social studies instruction capitalizes on interdisciplinary opportunities and emphasizes reading, writing, and technology-enhanced multimedia presentations that are viable in real-world work settings. Science instruction for grade 7 environmental studies and an investigation-based exploration of the properties of the physical world at grade 8. At both grades, students use hand-held data collection technologies. Our on-site wetlands provide a living laboratory experience and support of the middle school exploratory curriculum.

Included with our rich academic program, Franklin students complete an elective choice of an introduction to visual arts, speech and drama, world languages and cultures, synergistic technology, and reading and mathematics focused support classes, including Read 180 and Language!. We are a Blue Ribbon School for our Music programs. Highly motivated students and faculty members regularly receive awards for exceptional academic and artistic accomplishments. We have a very active after-school program which offers academic and recreational opportunities for all students.

Our school's motto is "Franklin - Where Ideas are Invented." Students, faculty, and families share in this tradition of academic, enrichment, citizenship, and responsibility to community.

The school celebrates its strong parent and community support led by the PTA.

Chantilly High School

4201 Stringfellow Rd. Chantilly, VA 20151


The Chantilly High School Community:
  • Creates a welcoming and safe environment for all Chargers
  • Builds meaningful relationships
  • Fosters responsibility and accountability
  • Teaches critical thinking and application skills
  • Connects learning through analysis and application


Chantilly High School students are educated, actively engaged and compassionate citizens.

School Summary

Chantilly High School, located in rapidly expanding western Fairfax County, features many opportunities for student achievement and involvement. The school enjoys strong community support, and the scholastic program accommodates a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities.

Coordinating an activity-centered program with stringent academic standards, the Chantilly faculty works to give all students a well-rounded academic and social experience. All Chantilly students are encouraged to participate in the expansive activities program that features athletics as well as fine and performing arts. Show choirs, instrumental groups, and drama groups give performances regularly throughout the year, and journalism students consistently produce nationally acclaimed publications.