Social Committee

The Armfield Farm Social Committee plans fun community events throughout the year. All committee members are volunteers who live in the neighborhood. The committee's goal is to encourage neighbors to get to know one another and to promote a sense of community.

Typical events include spring egg hunt, summer pool parties, Halloween party and winter celebration. New members to the committee are always welcome. The committee offers a fun way to get to know people while giving back to the community. In addition to members, the committee is always looking for individuals who are willing to help out for a short time during events.... no strings attached.

Your community is alive with wonderful summer events planned! Mark your calendars now to ensure you don't miss them. These efforts offer a great opportunity to meet new neighbors or visit with neighbors you have known for years. All of the details of the events have not been work out yet, so look for flyers closer to the event to be posted at the pool.

If you have any questions or wish to volunteer to help out with an event, contact at Volunteering to help out even for a half hour during the event really helps. It allows the people who have planned the event to also be able to spend time enjoying the event and visiting with neighbors. Please consider volunteering just a half hour.

Communications Committee

The goal of this committee is to foster a greater sense of community within the neighborhood by increasing communication using the following means:

  • The Armfield Farm Connection (newsletter)
  • Armfield Farm HOA website
  • Block Captains

Interested in helping out with the Communication Committee? Contact Rob Shear at!

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Review Board's (ARB) purpose is to preserve the aesthetic value and appearance of the structures and landscaping of Armfield Farm Subdivision. It's goal is to maintain the neighborhood to the highest standards applicable. The governing guidelines can be found in the Armfield Farm Homeowners Association Architectural Design and Maintenance Standards. Homeowners interested in making changes to their house or yard are asked to submit Applications to the Architectural Review Board for approval. Improvements needing approval include fences, walls, home modifications/additions, paint color changes, sheds, and other items affecting the value and/or appearance of the neighborhood.

BEFORE beginning a project, an application with the supporting documents should be submitted to the committee. It is very important to include all necessary documents in order to receive an expeditious response.

If you believe there is a violation of the Covenants, please submit a Covenant Violation Complaint Form to the committee for consideration and action. The committee is here to protect our largest investment - our homes and property.

For more information on the Architectural Review Board, please contact:

Eric Spradlin
ARB Chair

Safety and Security Committee


  • Build pride in the community by being visible to our neighbors.
  • Keep residents abreast of local crime situations.
  • Help neighbors get to know one another - if you know your neighbors, you'll be more vigilant and be better able to recognize potential problems coming into the community.
Actions of Committee:

  • Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Build a solid email network to communicate with residents, and to have residents communicate problems to the HOA.
  • Partner with Social Committee to put community Safety and Security front and center for residents whenever we gather to together.

Any and all interested homeowners are welcome to participate in the Safety and Security Committee by contacting Joe Sherrier at